15 Ways to Bring More Positive Language into Your Classroom and School


Want to bring more positive language to your classroom? Here are a few ways to start. Small adjustments can really make an impact on your students.


  1. Posted by chels099, — Reply

    Telling a child they’re ok is a good thing to do. It reassures them what they’re feeling is temporary. If it’s pAin or sadness you can elaborate not that. It also helps calm anxiety.

  2. Posted by mimosabluebell, — Reply

    A bunch of the things “not to say” can still be helpful if said in an assuring tone

  3. Posted by Vee038, — Reply

    Why is it a bad thing to curse? No, I will not use 'good words', fuck you

  4. Posted by MemoryKeepingExpert, — Reply


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