18 Funny Memes Sarcastic Passive Aggressive


18 Funny Memes Sarcastic Passive Aggressive 5


  1. Posted by Someone_Artsyy, — Reply

    They look so happy and innocent I can just imagine Dora falling in and the crocodiles go ‘oh no! Dora you fell in! I guess we’ll have to eat you now!’

  2. Posted by APAALALA, — Reply

    Oh shit- I thought there were harmless DUCKS in the crocodile lake! Oh fuck! What do we do NOW Dora?! The map has lead us astray!

  3. Posted by syriahlily, — Reply

    Oh wow the CROCODILE lake has CROCODILES. Who would have known😮

  4. Posted by ushisbigtiddiedgf, — Reply

    Dora you shouldn’t be talking

  5. Posted by idfk6914, — Reply


  6. Posted by Mina_ashido0, — Reply

    Im laughing so loud right now.

  7. Posted by gabbycordero993, — Reply

    It’s a crocodile lake dodo

  8. Posted by J1268s, — Reply

    who would of thought?

  9. Posted by 0dumbunny0, — Reply

    You don't say?

  10. Posted by herogirlgacha, — Reply

    No frock boots

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