18 Hilarious Period Memes To Get You Through Hell Week


Periods Suck, But These Funny Period Memes And Funny Quotes About That "time Of The Month" Will Help You Get Through It.


  1. Posted by Child_of_the_Night, — Reply

    When I first got my period, it lasted for 9 months straight. With heavy duty bleeding, I would bleed through 5 maxi pads a day... SO MEN HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT WOMEN ARE WEAK BC WHAT HAPPENED TO ME IS COMMON (but not normal)

  2. Posted by DisneyDolls123, — Reply

    One day a dude in my science class was talking about how "hilarious" it was that girls get so moody on their periods. I wanted to slap him.

  3. Posted by sasha_2_2, — Reply

    Him: Of course!! That’s easy. Just get bandages. Her: *sharpens knife while clutching stomach* You want to find out???

  4. Posted by RexChernov, — Reply

    I feel so sorry for girls, both biology AND society somehow find ways to fuck y’all over. But y’all always strong asf to take it in stride, mad respect 💯

  5. Posted by ceciliagrace2005, — Reply

    Yo has any guy ever said to you, “STOP TAKING YOUR PERIOD OUT ON ME”? Bc I mean shut the fuck up. All you have to do is say, “Just because you have a dick doesn’t mean you have to be one”

  6. Posted by sloancourtney, — Reply

    I hate it when guys are like “it’s not that bad you’ll be fine” ya I’ll be fine after I punch your face and blame it on the hormones ☺️🤣

  7. Posted by Spongebobthesaviour06, — Reply

    Nah these bOyS can't even handle a papercut, I'd be surprised if they tried to not attract any attention to themselves for staying alive after I stab that loser and force him to walk around like nothing is wrong...I would do that but I don't think it's worth it...CUS THEY WOULD DIE FROM OVERDOSE OF DRAMATIC-NESS

  8. Posted by bloodyluna, — Reply

    Well if your acting like the type to get offended when someone (mostly a guy) says "Ew periods", or jokes about them, believes ALL guys are sexist when you met just a few of them, complain about wage gap, find every little joke offensive etc., etc, than yea people not just guys WILL believe you're weak.

  9. Posted by SparkelQueen, — Reply

    To all the men reading this I will try to describe the period experience in a nutshell. Imagen gallons and gallons of unstoppable blood pouring out of you while a jack hammer and hitting your stomach and head ALL AT ONCE, then imagen every two second changing emotions as drastically as possible

  10. Posted by CrimsomxWolf, — Reply

    Men are biologically stronger then women, but women have better balance and flexibility. So it all balances out, and to all those saying that women are superior, that’s sexist. (And yes, I am a women)

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