19 Funny Tweets And Tumblr Posts About Tarot


*doing a tarot card reading* uh oh… this guy has a sword… better watch out for that…


  1. Posted by wriitersbIock, — Reply

    hot take: if too many cards fall out it’s often a sign of lazy shuffling or sporadic energy, most questions don’t need a 5+ card answer

  2. Posted by bellabn205, — Reply

    Ah yes, my favourite game: are the cards actually trying to tell me something, or I'm I just garbage at shuffling?

  3. Posted by lauramelaniphy, — Reply

    I was reading this with my cards and they legit just fell. Like 16 cards just fell. I- 😂

  4. Posted by xkaxkaxshi, — Reply

    That’s so true!! And it’s like 👁👄👁ma’am could you be more specific

  5. Posted by marthabarlo1718, — Reply

    *Whole deck falls*

  6. Posted by ThePhoenixDrago, — Reply

    Why did you have to attack me like that ma'am

  7. Posted by Angelin135790, — Reply

    Im literally g a r b a g e at shuffling 💀🙈

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