25 Best Friend Tattoos for You and Your Squad


Because tattoos (and besties!) are forever.


  1. Posted by weitkarte, — Reply

    for anyone wondering, that is the logo of louis tomlinson

  2. Posted by lucy_campbell23, — Reply

    I know these are annoying but I’ve been working on my account a lot and would appreciate if you would check it out and if you like follow😊

  3. Posted by juliarose8788, — Reply

    so may people are gonna get louis logo without knowing lmao

  4. Posted by nxtmtr, — Reply

    That fact that a lot of people get this having no idea that they now have a little peice of Louis 💕

  5. Posted by ally_field_, — Reply

    Wait hold on when I was little I drew that face on the leather seat of my parents car lol 😂

  6. Posted by isabellall28, — Reply


  7. Posted by melaniepogosian, — Reply

    Baby Lou🥺💞

  8. Posted by loverhasbae, — Reply

    omg louis 🥺

  9. Posted by T1DWithK, — Reply

    Hahahhahaha louis tattoo

  10. Posted by beltramebisogno, — Reply

    Tommo 🥺🥺

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