31 Plant-Based Recipes That Aren't Salads | foodiecrush .com


There's no need to go fully vegan or vegetarian to experience the benefits of a plant-based diet, and now is the time to add more of them to your diet.


  1. Posted by rosierouda, — Reply

    These are not all plant based - There is tuna, chicken and cheese listed in the first few recipes.

  2. Posted by CBA0964, — Reply

    I’m glad someone else noticed that these aren’t plant based recipes! Thank you Rosemary!

  3. Posted by heathersheltond, — Reply

    Falsely advertised. Not plant-based.

  4. Posted by madiande, — Reply

    lol @ the meat in these recipes

  5. Posted by missizzywilson, — Reply

    this isn’t plant based lol

  6. Posted by ABlackmon5150, — Reply

    These arent plant based???

  7. Posted by geekygirl778, — Reply

    Not plant based.

  8. Posted by jennasmialek, — Reply

    Shouldn’t be labeled plant based ...

  9. Posted by jenniferaug9, — Reply

    These aren’t all plant based

  10. Posted by sabolala, — Reply


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