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33 Office Memes For Anyone Just Trying To Make It Through The Day…


  1. Posted by lexuantam89320, — Reply

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  2. Posted by uniquelyells, — Reply

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  3. Posted by tintin8998, — Reply

    Me when the teacher looks over my shoulder and I try to cover my phone with my test sheet

  4. Posted by faithpperkins, — Reply

    Ok I’m sorry did you notice the names sound like Harry Potter characters?? 😂

  5. Posted by CeciAayotte, — Reply

    Ok I literally met him he came to my school. Lol this is hilarious

  6. Posted by jyoteeauckloo050673, — Reply

    who's gonna tell him

  7. Posted by korbuck2016, — Reply

    Nah he’s using hamon why do you think the coffee is staying in

  8. Posted by ErinLeddie, — Reply

    Oh dear god, I watch them haha! They’re from my state

  9. Posted by GayBitch0Nie, — Reply

    I mean he has an excuse........ he’s called Gary

  10. Posted by txhunny84, — Reply

    Hmm I wonder if this is photoshopped

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