Birth Flowers - Enamel Pin


Our best selling Birth Flower Collection now in a limited edition run of enamel pins!


  1. Posted by jessiczko, — Reply

    Ah yes, the months of the year: January, February, March, April, May, June, November, December, July, August, September, October :)

  2. Posted by aorenda, — Reply

    Wait, so is the March birth flower a daffodil or a cherry blossom..? I would prefer a cherry blossom tbh.

  3. Posted by heidialdrich44, — Reply

    Uh I get different birth flowers for mine also so best to google find out

  4. Posted by julie3w, — Reply

    Hey now December got robbed lol we coulda had a poinsettia at least

  5. Posted by zoeisabellaa, — Reply

    they're all so elegant and then december is just "CHRISTMAS"

  6. Posted by PolitePoet25, — Reply

    Wow this is cool daisy just happens to be my favorite flower

  7. Posted by lillieawesome, — Reply

    bruh. my birthday is in may and my name’s lillie. it’s meant to be

  8. Posted by ohjustmeriley, — Reply

    aw i've always loved cherry blossoms and now ik why :)

  9. Posted by hughessnessa, — Reply

    Cool i have a holly

  10. Posted by jaehyunismybias, — Reply

    We love not having November and December

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