Boston Cream Donuts


Filled with vanilla custard and dipped in chocolate, these doughnuts would make Boston proud.


  1. Posted by clairamarie1, — Reply

    We live very busy lives, there are recipes elsewhere for homemade puff pastry and filling. It is good to know that there are easy ways of coming up with something really good AND quick.

  2. Posted by hysonbrightly, — Reply

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  3. Posted by intheams, — Reply

    What an unthinkable waste: making homemade doughnuts and then filling them with store bought pudding filling...

  4. Posted by charlottemaryrecktenwald, — Reply

    It’s sort of funny how some of the shots look like an attempt at recreating a master chef or chopped intro

  5. Posted by AiosEyes, — Reply

    Why are all these videos suddenly so zoomed in on mobile. It makes them uncomfortable to watch.

  6. Posted by emmalewlee, — Reply

    Made these but with a pastry cream filling instead. They were really good- will make them again.

  7. Posted by escapingca2019, — Reply

    Oh mouth kept watering through the whole video....sluuurp πŸ‘πŸ€ͺ

  8. Posted by priscillaa_thomas, — Reply

    Anybody else notice how slow they were going

  9. Posted by priscillaa_thomas, — Reply

    Anyone else notice how slow they were going

  10. Posted by qabualkas, — Reply


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