Chickpea Vegetable Nuggets


These vegetable nuggets are a vegetarian twist on traditional chicken nuggets! Loaded with extra veggies and and protein. The perfect finger food!


  1. Posted by juliedjones2015, — Reply

    Folks amaze me 😂 it's a vegetarian recipe, not vegan. Eggs are ok for vegetarians as is cheese, honey, yogurt, etc. They just don't consume meat. Vegans do not eat any animal products AT ALL. And the only eggs that contain dairy are Cadbury eggs 🤦‍♀️

  2. Posted by katy7894, — Reply

    All I want to know is if this recipe is good without opening the blog post first and all these comments are stressing me out lmao had anyone actually tried this or is everyone just complaining 😂😭

  3. Posted by roguewallflower, — Reply

    To any Vegans who have come across this recipe you can replace the egg ingredient with a Flax-egg, psyllium fiber, chia egg or egg replacers such as follow my heart egg replacer. It is there as a binder so you just need something else in there for binding

  4. Posted by kenzlyweddle, — Reply

    had these with some of the never ending extra left over chick-f-la sauces for lunch & was amazing! i added poultry seasoning and less italian season to give it a more “ chicken flavor” and it turned out great !

  5. Posted by samtitzman, — Reply

    U all rmaking pinterest as bad as facebook, just say I liked it or I didn't and share suggestions. People can make their own decisions on vegetarian, vegan, paleo whole it good or not end of story.

  6. Posted by ebyork12, — Reply

    It kills me the amount of people who think eggs are a dairy product lol go back to first grade and take another look at the food pyramid lol

  7. Posted by bethanycorinne2, — Reply

    These are pretty good! I doubled the carrot, left out the zucchini. Added 1 stalk celery, subbed 2 TBS flax + 3 TBS water for the eggs. Used Aquafaba instead of oil. Baked the nuggs @ 350 for 30 mins. WFPB nuggs my Omni family loves!

  8. Posted by foxandfree, — Reply

    Irina Katerina I didn’t say you are lol but biologically speaking the enzyme the human body produces to breakdown lactose (which is in higher percentages in human breastmilk) is lactase. Typically we, same as other mammals, stop producing it once we grow out of infancy and are no longer dependent on milk for nutrients.

  9. Posted by malemstrom, — Reply

    For anyone who is vegan and needs an egg replacement to bind ingredients, here it is: •1 teaspoon corn starch •1 tablespoon canola/vegetable oil • 2 tablespoons warm water Combine ingredients and whisk until blended. Makes one egg.

  10. Posted by MelanieParkerGagne, — Reply

    These don't work. They fall apart in the oil, are impossible to flip, make a mess and don't taste good enough for this much mess. Skip these.

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