Christmas Tree LED String Lights



  1. Posted by makguyver007, — Reply

    Those lights would drive me CRAZY! You sure couldn't watch tv or entertain company with that "distraction". NO THANK YOU!

  2. Posted by blatella, — Reply

    Cool but headache-inspiring if you kept that lighting up for hours.

  3. Posted by marifranz, — Reply

    Wow! How many lights? And all different colors? Is it musical?

  4. Posted by sheilamays5960, — Reply

    How many strands of lights will I need for a 7 1/2 foot tree..

  5. Posted by sheilamays5960, — Reply

    Where can I get the lights or the website , what is the name of the lights ??. pls.....

  6. Posted by julie31947, — Reply

    Wow 🤩 It’s beautiful this Christmas tree ❤️

  7. Posted by marialuisacompean, — Reply

    Hermoso muy creativo, el cascanueces lo ve.

  8. Posted by erika2santos84, — Reply

    What happened with the star on top? Poor thing 🤭

  9. Posted by yani_35, — Reply

    Wow I want this lol

  10. Posted by florencevanpe, — Reply

    My eyes or in light many lights?

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