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  1. Posted by ashlxxyyx, — Reply

    why is everyone say keep the show clean and don’t show panties they literally showed a characters bobs and one character was half nacked

  2. Posted by BL3K98, — Reply

    You tried to make this wholesome image not wholesome by showing her panties. You absolutely fodder.

  3. Posted by lilbitwilliams03, — Reply

    I see your trying to make it cute but the panties and the guy's face kinda ruins the cute factor, but still nice

  4. Posted by Brqee_q, — Reply

    I see pantiesssss that’s a nooo for this anime. Keep this anime cleannnn

  5. Posted by kingexplosionmurder16, — Reply

    why are people mad about her panties showing... it’s normal wtf

  6. Posted by Bndjakd, — Reply

    My ship 4 life Oh BTW did anyone notice her panties r showing

  7. Posted by giogoes2005, — Reply

    Que fofo ^^ (N é hentai, vlw gent)

  8. Posted by pedrohenriquesoares12378, — Reply

    Quem não assistiu pensa que é pedofilia

  9. Posted by saaddouda444, — Reply

    Y'all are freaking out over panties..

  10. Posted by ribeirocamilly291, — Reply

    Opa, eu vi uma calcinha ali? Kkkkkk

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