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  1. Posted by gay_ghost, — Reply

    Some things never change...well besides Sasuke not giving a fuck that Naruto's yelling at him in the face. But still, some things never change

  2. Posted by unknown_beast, — Reply

    Naruto kept doing the classic name shouting and then sasuke got tired of it ; that he no longer gives a fuck.😂

  3. Posted by lilacmom1758, — Reply

    Then: naruto is mad and sasuke is also mad. Now: naruto is even more pissed and sasuke give less of a fuck

  4. Posted by SoupIsEdgy, — Reply

    i like then way better somehow... edit: WAIT SAKURA IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE FIRST PICTURE OH MY GOD

  5. Posted by jou009256, — Reply

    you found the genius is your classmate: you misunderstand that your genius classmate cheated his marriage:

  6. Posted by strxwberrymixk, — Reply

    I just noticed that in some episodes it looks like Sasuke's hair is longer than Sakura's

  7. Posted by kailyn3707, — Reply

    And you know what, I still ship it.

  8. Posted by DacyrDemonz, — Reply

    Naruto got angrier and Sasuke gives even less fucks. I ship it

  9. Posted by anaclaraasilva11, — Reply

    A única diferença é que não tem ninguém atrás

  10. Posted by Mizuchhi, — Reply

    ..... Sasukes Naruto tolerance level went up

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