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In need of a good laugh while staying at home? We’ve rounded up some of the funniest Christian memes circulating the internet this week! Which one is your favorite? Image source: @oshkoshmemes Image source:@philosophyprime Image source: @christianm3mes Image source: @youthgroupmemer Image source: @thenormalpentecostal Image source: @cleanestmemest Image source: @honestyouthpastor Image source: @thebibleisfunny Image source: @thebestchristianmemes […]


  1. Posted by el_sog, — Reply

    If you're a Christian with common sense, you'll wear a mask in indoor public places, and wash your hands afterward ✝️ Trust God but be smart! 😊

  2. Posted by aubrey62507, — Reply

    hello. i’m looking for girls to make a chat. so we could talk etc. get to know each other better. and share our love for God. please respond if you would like to join

  3. Posted by billiesue14, — Reply

    The difference is hand sanitizer is real. And the guy should be wearing a mask to protect other people regardless of what he believes god will do for him.

  4. Posted by justanothergirl665, — Reply

    Please just stop fighting and calm down. Everyone is aloud to have different beliefs, I myself am a Christian. I still wear masks and use hand sanitizer, even if I believe God can help us get through this.

  5. Posted by theresnowayjustnoway, — Reply

    Hiii everyone!!! I have a Google Classroom for any Christians wanting to join! It’s called “God loves you!” The code is 6ctsakv. Feel free to join whenever you want and you can come talk to me about whatever you need!! Have a lovely day :)

  6. Posted by PanicAtTheChemicalFallOutBoy, — Reply

    *nervously hides pentagrams in room* no I’m not a satanist and I’m not in a cult that sacrifices virgins and kids or whatever. I’m in the spn fandom if ya can’t tell by the anti possession symbol!

  7. Posted by interest2find, — Reply

    God created common sense and the ability to think, he literally created people to have the ability to find things out and apply it to our daily lives. It's the person's own fault to not use it.

  8. Posted by iblolap, — Reply

    People saying that for will protect you from covid-19, I'm christian too and this is what I have to say...even jesus said to the devil: "do not test god!" When satan said that jesus should jump because surely, if he was the son of god, god would save him. That mean's that don't just do something stupid and say "god will save me."

  9. Posted by Imma_Do_Me, — Reply

    For those that don't wear a mask and say that they dont because they say that jesus will protectet them there wrong, yes jesus protects you all the time but that doesnt mean nothing will happen to you so still wear a mask do your part meet jesus halfway.

  10. Posted by morganrockstar1451, — Reply

    The difference is that hand sanitizer is proven to work, whereas religious beliefs differ from person to person. You may believe that god is saving you from corona, but the man next door is thanking another deity for protecting him. We all believe different things, but we can agree that we should all use hand sanitizer and keep ourselves safe.

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