21 Journal Prompts -Quarantined Edition – Sahar Nawaz


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    Hey guys I know these are annoying but I’ve honestly been working hard on my boards so if you could maybe look at them and please consider following? Would really mean a lot, I might do follow for follow 😊

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    I really like this one and I don’t really like journaling prompts that much. They don’t motivate me to write but this I might just!

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    love it I used it for my quarantine journal thank you so much for the inspiration

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    I loved these prompts..Keep posting such gud stuff. Fighting💪

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    Is anyone else irked by the misspelling of quarantine? LMFAO

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    ✨wow quarantine edition✨🤩

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    Geez a prompt I didn't even know I needed

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    Follow for follow anyone 🥺🥺🥺

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