Inktober 2018


Illustration,Character Design


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    Hi There! Im an Artist who started this account recently, I would appreciate if you would check it out even though it has so little pins ❤️

  2. Posted by natsvibe, — Reply

    Hi guys! Sorry for the self promo, but you get in on it too! I am doing custom wall papers/pfp and I would love for you to get one! Check my board for more info! 😊

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  4. Posted by sakharemahika, — Reply

    hello im an artist just made an inst account pls check it out...i will be really happy username~ Artistic_w41k3r

  5. Posted by Diewertje124, — Reply

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Ariana Grande?

  6. Posted by paladizinaida2, — Reply

    cool it is superr

  7. Posted by nigamabhay05, — Reply

    I know somebody who looks 10000% like her

  8. Posted by shaynashah27, — Reply

    Really nice

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