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  1. Posted by em_finn29, — Reply

    If you interrupt me while I’m reading... just hope ur wearing a sword/knife/gun/nuclear bomb/ thermonuclear bomb/ lightsaber proof vest

  2. Posted by moochi360, — Reply

    I came here to find a relatable post but this...This was different. I don’t even know why it was this hilarious. I mean if she’s holding a gun she’s probably angry. That set me off

  3. Posted by bdaugereau, — Reply

    My mom is Italian, so I know that if she starts doing a certain motion...running will make it worse...but you don't want to stay. And whenever I have my hands in fists, my friends run and scream and tell everyone to run too.

  4. Posted by missrosefitz, — Reply

    Well I live in Australia and we have something called gun laws, so if she’s holding a milkcrate then she’s probably angry

  5. Posted by kirishima12, — Reply

    If I'm holding a gun, I'm most likely at my best friend's house saying "Dance Peasent." To him and making him do a dance.

  6. Posted by SkycatB, — Reply

    No, if a MAN is holding a gun he is probably angry, if a WOMAN is holding a gun she is probably super sad and suicidal

  7. Posted by rosaleanbox, — Reply

    But.....what if she’s hunting,she’ll most likely be holding a gun but she ain’t mad

  8. Posted by madi_shaw, — Reply

    Or if she’s throwing tampons

  9. Posted by sanha1134, — Reply

    More like If a woman Is quiet she can be angry upset or whatever really

  10. Posted by 23gmlockhart, — Reply

    Of she's angry then just being her a dog, then she will most likely chill out.

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