Kitchen Equivalent / Measurement Conversion Chart Mason Jar Decal Set - Great Gift Idea! Full Set - Includes Cup & Spoon labels!


This listing is for my Mason jar themed measurement conversion chart and utensil label decal set, perfect for organizing your kitchen! I created this set because I had measuring cups and spoons cluttering up precious drawer space and I could never find what I was looking for. This got them out of the way, made them easy to find, and let's be honest... they look great! I shared my photo on Facebook and it went viral, it's been shared hundreds of thousands of times!! It took some coaxing but now I'm offering these decals by popular demand :) This listing is for the full set of decals (as pictured), with the mason jars conversion charts as well as spoon/cup labels. If you just want to purchase the conversion charts or the label utensils separately you can do so here ---> If your measuring set has additional utensil sizes not listed here, you can request those sizes in the "notes to seller" box at check out. I'll throw them in for no charge :) {GENERAL SIZING} I recommend you measure the width of the area you want the decal and select the next size down. For example: My cabinet is 19" wide but it's a shaker style cabinet so I only measured the inset panel, which is roughly 14.5" wide so I used the next size down, the 14" size. {CUSTOMIZATION} If you would like a custom size just purchase the next size up and leave your custom size request in the comment section at check out. For example. If you want an 11.5" wide decal, please purchase the 12" size and I'll scale it down to your specifications. If you would like a utensil label in a size that's not listed I can add that as well, no charge, just put the request {COLOR} The color refers to the text. I used a black decal on the cabinet pictured because the wood tone is fairly light. If you have dark cabinetry I would recommend a white for contrast. {GIFT WRAPPING} This is an optional add-on. If you purchase gift wrapping with your decal you will receive your order in a white envelope, embellished with a jute twine bow and cute mason jar gift tag. It will ship in another envelope so the gift stays clean and presentable. This really takes it to the next level for gifting! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will do my best to get back to you right away. Thank you for your business :)