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The Pioneer Woman Meatloaf recipe the best you'll try! The loaf is wrapped in bacon and baked to perfection, and freezes well for future meals!


  1. Posted by MelanieParkerGagne, — Reply

    Just "meh" for me. Very "wet and gloopy". The meatloaf itself is a little bland - needs a little somethingmore (maybe some fried onions, garlic?)

  2. Posted by tonikf, — Reply

    it was sweeter than I wanted. onions would be delicious additions. the loaves were very wet but dried out enough to be meat loaf.

  3. Posted by stucker435, — Reply

    So good!! I used1/2 lean ground beef and 1/2 Italian deer sausage. Very little grease drained off and the flavor is wonderful!!

  4. Posted by coreycrownover, — Reply

    I have never met a meatloaf that I liked. My daughter made this and I actually went back for seconds!! Absolutely delicious.

  5. Posted by shanjackson39, — Reply

    Sorry, but I did not enjoy it.

  6. Posted by dkjl51, — Reply

    Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf

  7. Posted by maureenvidich, — Reply


  8. Posted by littleladycadi, — Reply

    This one is a major winner for my family. I've never found it to be gloopy like other commenters but I also don't wind up putting the bacon on it and I cut the ketchup topping qty down by about half so that may help. I also don't bake it in a pan, but on a broiler rack. My 8 yr old PICKY eater had two helpings last night (which is unheard of in my house). This is now one of my staple recipes, I'm really glad I tried this one.

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