Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls


Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls with maple frosting. This recipe makes a bunch of rolls so feel free to share with family and friends!


  1. Posted by ebmehrdad1212, — Reply

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  2. Posted by adavan13, — Reply

    Made this recipe exactly as instructed. They're just okay. Definitely not the ooey gooey cinnamon rolls I was looking for, but the flavor was fine. Would choose a different recipe next time I want to make cinnamon rolls.

  3. Posted by miclee023, — Reply

    Ugh wish I read the comments first. Haven’t even put them in the oven yet and I’m not impressed. Who has two days to make cinnamon buns? Who needs to make 30 cinnamon buns? From beginning to end this recipe is tedious for just a breakfast classic. Better luck next time for me I guess!

  4. Posted by wabby209, — Reply

    The rolls turned out fantastic but the frosting is no where near enough for 30 rolls. And you have to plan at least a day ahead for these

  5. Posted by jocelynkimx3, — Reply

    Used cashew milk instead of reg milk because I was out and did half brown sugar for the filling and they came out perfect !!!!!

  6. Posted by michelesearle, — Reply

    Not quick and easy and turned out terribly. Very disappointed. I'll just stick to my own tried and tested recipe. 😶

  7. Posted by emilysberger, — Reply

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  8. Posted by annwilton24, — Reply

    Everyone loved them! The maple flavoring & coffee in the icing is a must. They are so good!!

  9. Posted by carlosandm, — Reply

    I can not view the recipe because of all the pop up ads. Mostly a Twitter ad. ☹️

  10. Posted by sydpie21896, — Reply

    Happy how it turned out for my first try. Cut recipe in third to make less!

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