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  1. Posted by emmanuelmex04, — Reply

    I have a question that maybe no one have ask how the hell does tamjiro understands nezuko muffles underneath her bambo And don’t say he learned after spending two years with demon nezuko because we all know she was asleep

  2. Posted by Ariissa14, — Reply

    I'm pretty sure the bamboo was for her so she doesn't bite anybody and I'm pretty sure how nezuko's brother understands by knowing the muffle and Me like the angry nezuko >:)

  3. Posted by Yahiko_Legend, — Reply

    Human Nezuko is the best and the original. Tanjirō's purpose is to kill Kibutsuji and return Nezuko to that form. (I become mad when I see fandom with Demon Slayer Demon Nezuko...💢)

  4. Posted by Jaolu_Of_Kratokeuron, — Reply

    Sitting goofy small Nezuko, Determined Nezuko, Angry gremlin in a box Nezuko, and Human Caretaker Nezuko

  5. Posted by iLoveYouMP3, — Reply

    Tank is smol Nezuko Fighter is Determined Nezuko Assassin is A n g e r y Nezuko Support is Human Nezuko U w u

  6. Posted by trjga, — Reply

    //switches out this 'demon' nezuko for the REAL demon nezuko// man i cant wait to see it animated

  7. Posted by polnarefu12, — Reply

    I dont care wich one you try..... I SHALL NOT ALLOW NO ONE TO LEWD THIS CUTE DEMON!

  8. Posted by rosebunbun5810, — Reply

    Hey I was looking at Danganronpa stuff and this thing popped up. Can someone explain?

  9. Posted by KeikioMoon, — Reply

    Smol Nezuko... She's so cute omg(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)

  10. Posted by tay4192, — Reply

    What about demon form nezuko

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