Those bastards lied to me...


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  1. Posted by alexislynn504, — Reply

    Welllll I mean when your siblings drive you Insane to many times the first picture is pretty accurate

  2. Posted by A_Ravenclaw, — Reply

    But the second pic looks much more good to me the first one looks as if the room is full of corona

  3. Posted by RougeRex, — Reply

    Give it time.

  4. Posted by irpittman, — Reply

    Never thought this is what quarantine would be like, that’s for sure

  5. Posted by 2tjpacheco, — Reply

    I need one of these mask.

  6. Posted by MissDario, — Reply

    “What day is it?”

  7. Posted by lonewolfpuppy, — Reply

    You don't know what the future holds

  8. Posted by joyousli, — Reply

    Those are proper masks for real viruses

  9. Posted by mgraham_ballet, — Reply

    Ngl a zombie apocalypse would be so much fun rn

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