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  1. Posted by hannahbickford2, — Reply

    Pain: hey naruto! naruto: pain Pain: how have you been? naruto: heck ya I was great! Pain: hehe great to hear

  2. Posted by yuriko_yagi, — Reply

    I love this

  3. Posted by rosemirandaperez2, — Reply

    Bro... I'm fucking feeling this!

  4. Posted by mariamsaldanha, — Reply

    So cute

  5. Posted by theatregirlm, — Reply

    Why would you do this to me 😭

  6. Posted by KyoukaUzumaki, — Reply

    I love this picture it’s so cute

  7. Posted by phung2234, — Reply

    If only

  8. Posted by its_a_wild_ryuk, — Reply

    Someone make a fic right. Now.

  9. Posted by Yuki121005, — Reply

    Omg my heart can't bear it

  10. Posted by ReichellSchmidt, — Reply

    Imma just cry

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